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Join us for an important webinar introducing The Achievement Initiative to Mississippi!


With chronic absenteeism at an all-time high, it’s critical to focus on daily attendance as the #1 predictor of student success. The Achievement Initiative, powered by Attention2Attendance (A2A), is a first-in-class solution designed to help schools and districts improve student attendance rates. Its process-driven systems approach to addressing attendance and school culture, combined with timely and proactive communication, helps schools reconnect with families and students, and supports a focus on equity.

You'll want to join this webinar to learn more about how school districts in Mississippi can:

  • Improve chronic absenteeism rates
  • See what a process driven systems approach to address attendance and school culture looks like

  • Have purposeful communication that changes behavior and shapes culture

  • Reinforce good habits in parents and students

  • Automate processes to help reduce stress on your attendance team

Save your spot to learn how our proven interventions help districts recover from the pandemic.