Manage Tech-spec-tations with Your Team

From healthy boundaries to a seat at the purchasing table, learn how to reach your goals.


What will I learn?

Communication isn't always the two-way street it was meant to be. Sometimes different perspectives, different experiences, and different communication styles can get in the way and keep you from fully understanding the people you work with. In this guide, you'll gain more understanding of how to navigate those tricky situations, which in turn will help you communicate your technology goals with your curriculum-focused counterparts.

Understanding perspectives improves communication with co-workers
Reach mutual goals with shared information in a way that works
Improve cross-departmental relationships for better work life

About SchoolStatus


Data for DOING.

Student insights drive meaningful conversations and meaningful conversations improve student outcomes. SchoolStatus harnesses key insights and delivers actionable information right to your fingertips.

We can help:

  • Clean up and aggregate disjointed data
  • Present clear visualizations for all educators
  • Discover helpful trends via simple diagrams
  • Turn data into action for each and every student

We focus on the data, so educators can focus on education. We’re SchoolStatus, and we believe in data for doing.