Research shows that students with engaged families earn higher grades and test scores, adapt more quickly, attend school more regularly, have Untitled design (1) copy 3-1better behavior and social skills and go on to graduate.

The communication platform in SchoolStatus is an easy-to-use tool that helps educators and district leaders optimize their family engagement efforts with one-to-one, class, school, and district-wide communication capabilities. 

No Opt-ins/Parent Apps Required

Emails are delivered to parents’ e-mail inbox, the calls to their mobile phones and the text messages arrive in their message center where statistics show they have a 98% read rate. Build trust when messages reach parents where they are.

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Unify Communications

All messages are available for immediate reference, federal compliance, professional development, and to track frequency of engagement with family and community. Unburden your parents from the confusion of multiple apps and logins for communication.


Compose, schedule and send both emergency and non-emergency communication in multiple formats with auto translate in the recipients’ preferred language.  

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Data-Informed Communications

Monitor the frequency of calls, texts and emails as well as when that communication is taking place by teacher or school. Immediately identify where adequate communication with families is not happening. Untitled design (1) copy 13

Maintain Privacy

The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts require confidentiality of students or staff members. Communications deployed through SchoolStatus are received as a one to one communication which enables families to reply directly and privately with questions and concerns.

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Demonstrate Compliance

Communications are logged and recorded within SchoolStatus to demonstrate appropriate school and CDC compliance.

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What Our Users Say 

Its a wonderful tool for family engagement. It provides an opportunity to build a relationship with reluctant parents, the ones who dont attend Open House, by reaching out to them with good news.


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