Read How Data Improves Accountability

Using SchoolStatus, Scott County raised their grade from a D to a B. See it in the Case Study.
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What's In the Study?

Coming out of a takeover from the state department for financial administrative issues, the Scott County School District was, in many ways, hungry for improvement - but without the right tools. Learn how SchoolStatus turned Scott County School District’s data into action by helping them improve attendance rates, reading levels and discipline, taking their D rating to a B rating in just one year.

Real educators share their experiences using data to improve outcomes.
In-depth reporting using integrated data provided necessary insights.
Not only did scores improve, but a culture centered on data emerged.

About SchoolStatus


Data for DOING.

Student insights drive meaningful conversations and meaningful conversations improve student outcomes. SchoolStatus harnesses key insights and delivers actionable information right to your fingertips.

We can help:

  • Clean up and aggregate disjointed data
  • Present clear visualizations for all educators
  • Discover helpful trends via simple diagrams
  • Turn data into action for each and every student

We focus on the data, so educators can focus on education. We’re SchoolStatus, and we believe in data for doing.